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You might associate the term ‘corporate communications’ with grey suits, formal langue and uninspired texts. Bland and dull. We can’t entirely blame you, but that’s not the way of working at Wyngs! Forget the formalities. We bring colour to corporate. We fly our own course, in our own way, but always straight to our destination. Way beyond the borders of the friendly province of Limburg. And although we love its wonderful environment, professionally we prefer the (inter)national playing field of strong Belgian companies and multinationals. Do you share our ambition and professionalism? Are you also bold and bright? Make sure to land on one of our current vacancies.
Wyngs Jobs
Wyngs Jobs


Spread your wings during an inspirational internship

Like in most job ads, we could start with a lengthy description of what exactly we’re looking for in an intern to join our current coms tandem. But that’s just what everyone does and that’s not how we roll. No, at Wyngs, we dance to the beat of our own drum.

So we would like to start with what we have to offer:
A great learning opportunity during a 6 month internship starting from January 2021 as part of a small but rapidly expanding agency that specializes in corporate communications. With a very diverse client portfolio of large (inter)national players combined with innovative start-ups.
Under the wings of two experienced coms ladies who live for what they do, like to think out of the box and are always go the extra mile.
In an inspiring environment with tons of character in the exotic city of Sint-Truiden.
Where you’re truly part of the team. We’re perfectly capable of fetching our own coffee and we haven’t photocopied anything in years. Your added value lies in content, character and a fresh perspective.
But enough about us Back to you.
We’re not in it for what you already know. The purpose of an internship is to discover, learn and experiment. To spread your wings.

Our focus is to cultivate your potential. What we look for is ambition, perseverance, curiosity and accuracy. As well as a passion for multilingual communication and flawless writing. If by any chance you also hold a degree in communications, a solid dose of common sense, the love of good coffee and an above-average dose of humor, you might just be the high-flyer we’re looking for.

Have we just drawn the perfect portret of you? Then start typing and mail us at Hopefully we’ll be soaring together soon!

Els & Karen

Spontaneous application

We’re all about spontaneity!

The more spontaneity, the better we like it. So even though we are not specifically looking for your profile at the moment, we are always open for a spontaneous application!

So feel free to send us a message with your CV via