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creativity, credibility and content
creativity, credibility and content

The way we fly

Today, your corporate brand is more important than ever

Consumers want to understand where their products come from and (potential) employees want to know that, through their job, they’re making a difference. That’s why you need to show what you stand for as a company. Not with hollow phrases, but through concrete stories and opinions on innovations, industry trends and your contributions as a corporate citizen.

In corporate communications the three Cs are what makes the difference between a hit or miss: creativity, credibility and content. Only with this holy trinity you can build a successful corporate brand.

What Wyngs can do for you

  • Media relations
  • Internal communications
  • Employer branding
  • Crisis and issue communications
  • Brand PR

Media relations are like a designer suit: tailored and made to last

One size fits all does not apply to media relations. If you want to be successful, you need to have a tailored and personalized approach. Some of your messages will resonate better if you share them with a key journalist in an exclusive interview. For other topics, seeing is believing. Then you could consider organizing a press visit. Or to substantiate your claims, you can work with key opinion leaders. But how to choose which approach and who to contact? We help you make the right choices and provide the right preparation in relation to format and media, tailor-made for your company.

In internal communications you need to be HOT: Honest, Open and communicating Two-way

Today’s business environment is fast paced and volatile. To ensure your success, you need to make sure that your employees understand the company’s strategy and work towards a common goal. Therefore, internal communications have become an important strategic tool to reach your targets. Employees will only go that extra mile if they understand what they are working for and feel appreciated. Transparency and dialogue are key to foster employee engagement. We will help you to maximize the impact of your existing internal communications tools, roll out campaigns and introduce new formats to turn your employees into ambassadors.

Only preach what you practice

Retaining and attracting the right talent gives you a huge competitive advantage. But how do you do that in a tightening job market where the war for talent is becoming increasingly fierce? Today, having a state-of-the-art recruitment site or creative job ads, just doesn’t cut it anymore. For Wyngs, a successful employer brand is built on three pillars: strategic external communications that distinguish you from other companies, employee ambassadorship through strong internal communications and an efficient package of recruitment tools. Only the strategic combination and alignment of these three elements will make you the employer of choice and will stimulate sustainable retention.

Murphy doesn’t care it’s Friday afternoon!

A crisis never happens at a convenient moment. That’s just a given fact. When it does, speed and decisiveness are of the essence. Good preparation provides you with the handles you need in these stressful moments. Wyngs develops a proactive plan and toolkit for you, just in case Murphy comes knocking and, of course, supports you with strategic advice and hands-on support throughout the crisis.

Advertising is saying you’re good, PR is getting someone else to say it

One thing is for sure: journalists are allergic to commercial messages sold as PR stories. When they only smell a hint of advertising, they will ignore your message completely and write you off. So, you need a real story that is of added value to their audience AND is linked closely to your product in order to get it portrayed positively. Quite a tall order, right? The Wyngs team has the creative and strategic out-of-the-box-thinking, expertise and press knowledge you really need to pull this off.